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About Centre for Aerospace Research

Since then CASR has utilized majority of its resources in the Design and Development of UAVs as an innovative solution for addressing several societal issues and drawbacks.

India’s 1st Remote pilot Training Organisation (RPTO) under UAS Rules 2021.

with the dawn of Independence, the need for establishing a sound technological basis for proper industrial advancement of the country was realised. It was at this juncture that Mr. C. Rajam, with his characteristic pioneering spirit, patriotic fervour and unwavering enthusiasm founded the Madras Institute of Technology (MIT).

How its Work

Step - 1

Click here to understand more about the UAV categories, courses, and fees details.

Step - 2

Fill out the online application and upload all required documents.

Step - 3

Complete the payment of the course fees via online or bank transfer.

Step - 4

Recommendation Letter for Character and Antecedents Verification

Step - 5

Submit an application for verification along with a recommendation letter.

Step - 6

Re-submit/Upload the Verification certificate from concern authority.

Step - 7

Validation and verification of documents submitted to CASR RPTO.

Step - 8

Admission confirmation letter and batch information from CASR RPTO.

Drone Pilot Training Program

Go Beyond and home your pilot skills by harnessing our meritorious drone pilot training program to fulfill your drone dreams. Uncover your potential and left’s celebrate the quest of drones together!

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Small & Medium Category Drone

About Training Program

10 Days

Theory Classes
DGCA Rules and Regulations, Basic principles of flight, Fixed wing/ Rotary wing Operation and Aerodynamics, Basic UAS Introduction...
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Ground Training
Hands-on UAS Training, Assembly maintenance and Handling, Ground Control Station (GCS) Training, Flight Logging...
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Simulator Training
Identical UAS Flight training, Multiple Modes, Various atmospheric conditions, Dynamic wind conditions...
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UAS Training
Pre flight training, Flying Training accompanied by Instructor (Dual transmitters), UAS Flight maneuvers, Take-off and Landing...
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Why We Get License


UAS Rules

Remote Pilot Certificate is Mandatory with Immediate effect for flying all drones except nano under new “UAS Rules 2021”.


A Penalty of Rs.25,000 Shall be levied on a person flying without a remote pilot license under sub-rule (6) of rule 29 of UAS Rules.

UAV Job Requirement

Projected Industry requirement of 70,000+ Licensed Drone Pilots by 2022.

Apply Eligibility

18 years of age and above & shall have passed 10th class or its equivalent examination

License Validity

DGCA – approved RPL Validity (Maximum of 10 years under UAS Rule 2021)

Know About RPAS Types


Nano *

Up to 250 gm

Micro *

More than 250 gm
Up to 2 kg


More than 2 kg
Up to 25 kg


More than 25 kg
Up to 150 kg


More than 150 kg
Introducing Only Medium Category Pilot License & Train the Trainer Program
Introducing Only Medium Category Pilot License & Train the Trainer Program